Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day Mania: Things I Enjoy Most


It seems only fitting that I should write the "things I enjoy most" post (did NOT mean to rhyme... just happened that way folks!), you know, since lately all I've had are complaints about little man. He really is a joy in our life, sometimes it just gets overshadowed by the hardships that I have to face daily with him. But in the grand scheme of things, those hardships are minimal to what Brayden brings to my life. Some of my most favorite things are:
- watching him learn. Lately it seems like he is learning something new everyday and it is fascinating to watch. I especially think it's funny that learning makes him so giddy. If he does something new he'll do it, and then just start laughing. HYSTERICAL.
- watching how he loves on Drew. Seriously, we moms have to do most of the disciplining, we do all of the labor to get these babies here, and then they turn around and choose daddy over us. But especially with a boy, I find it so endearing that Brayden loves Drew so much. When Drew gets home from work, the minute B hears the garage door open he starts whispering "dada" over and over and over again, all the while crawling towards the garage at record setting pace.
- getting the random hugs and kisses throughout the day. Brayden is not a very huggy/lovey kid. I wasn't either, so it doesn't really hurt my feelings all that much cause I know where he's coming from. But that being said, when he's playing and stops all the sudden to crawl up to me and give me a kiss (which these days is basically a big slobber fest open mouthed cheek lick!)... MELTS. MY. HEART. And now he's into hugging, which is equally as heart melting!
- seeing his personality unfold before my eyes. I think B is going to be quick witted. He'll do things and then start laughing. I have no idea what he thinks is so funny, but it's like he knows he's funny! He'll even force himself to laugh if he sees us laughing. It's like this deep, guttural smokes hack of a laugh... where he got it from I have no clue, but he cracks me up.

I could go on and on and on, but I'll spare you since it's Saturday and I'm sure you've got bigger fish to fry than reading blogs all morning :) Hope you all have a great Mother's Day Weekend!

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