Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

Today marks 13 weeks of pregnancy with baby #2. So far so good, and I am pleased to report that now that I am 1 week out of no progesterone, my morning sickness is mostly a thing of the past. I say that relatively however, as today I noticed that when I didn't eat a snack this morning I was getting rather queasy feeling by 11am. Unfortunately we were stuck at Sam's club while they rotated and balanced our tires, and pizza was the only option, which didn't really sound good but when given the option of either pizza or not eating and feeling like I might hurl, I took my losses and ran with it. Having to wait for an hour just to get my car INTO the shop was proof enough that I chose the wrong club-- the Sam's south of us does a far better job of getting people in and out. The Sam's north of us is a bit closer and has more of the stores I needed to go to today close by, so it made sense for me to travel north so I wouldn't have to do zigzags across our metro area. Oh well. Live and learn I suppose.

I ran into a woman who I was in bible study with about 6 months ago while we were at Sam's. When I told her I was pregnant her response was "Well, I was going to ask, but I didn't want it to be one of those awkward situations since you never know." Awesome. I guess it's now official that I am showing through my baggy t-shirts. Pregnancy is such a weird thing. The first trimester you spend most of your time feeling like crap, all the while worrying that you may miscarry. When you reach the pinnacle of supposed safety, you then enter into this phase where people aren't really sure you're pregnant, but you definitely don't look like a flat stomached woman anymore either. It's what I call the fat-pregnancy limbo. I found that once I neared 20 weeks I was much more comfortable in my pregnancy body because by then it's not as much of a question of IF you are pregnant, but when you are due and what you are having. And that's all I have to say about that.

I watched the Bachelorette premiere last night. I have to admit that I normally don't watch this show. I just seems a bit trivial and elementary to try and find your love out of 25 guys that TELEVISION executives picked out. But alas, last season I found myself watching the Bachelor on the nights Drew had class, and fell in love with Ali. So I figured I would love watching this season too. But, as Mama Kat has blogged about, the ABC execs failed terribly at picking out legitimate guys. Can I just pick on one three of them for a second?
Meet Jay (photo courtesy of ABC)
Jay is quite possibly the biggest nerd to ever enter Bachelor/ette history. He had me nearly choking on my icecream when he said (and I quote) "the family who sues together, stays together... as long as they don't sue each other." (Jay and his father run a lawfirm that handles PI cases. read: ambulance chasers!). And this picture actually has him dressing as a suave bachelor. Last night he sported the only blue suit out of the entire bachelor group, complete with a silver tie clip. A TIE CLIP. Who wears a tie clip when they are 30 years old (and I'm sorry if you're 30 and wear one, but really, it's not really that fashionable for such a young age. Unless your Jay ofcourse.) Thankfully Ali had enough wherewithal to not select Jay to move on. Thank goodness. Although some of her picks were a little eyebrow raising. Like the Craigs. 
This is Craig M. (photo courtesy of ABC) Check out the 'do. What's even more unbelieveable (or perhaps it is considering he's wearing a pink shirt that shows a bit too much of his chest), is that Craig is FULL of himself. I mean, brimming over the top full of himself. They had a clip of him at a club before the show where he was asking a group of chicks if they knew anyone who looked better than him. And he made it through. Gross.
This is Craig R. (photo courtesy of ABC) Aside from the fact that his nose is the size of Texas and makes you wonder if he got sucker punched 2 weeks before the show began shooting, he's a rat. I mean, he literally pulled Ali aside to rat people out. Not that I am all about the bad guy, but seriously? It's the first night. Don't start whining about how people aren't there for the right reasons. This aint Ali's first rodeo, and I am sure she knows that there are some people on the show with selfish motives. And that's all I have to say about last night's episode. I'll probably get sucked in next week, just because I want to see who she widdles out of the group.

And what post is not complete with a picture of the little man. We've recently rediscovered the treat of blueberries. Brayden LOVES them, and literally cries when they are all gone. This morning he ate a whole banana, a 1/4 c. blueberries and a whole waffle. This is him this morning after finishing the blueberries. Typical boy: the way to his heart is definitely through his tummy!


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