Monday, May 10, 2010

A Weekend with Mr. Cool

Check out this hot thang:
We got to spend the entire weekend with Mr. Cool. Or Mr. Grumpy pants, depending on the hour. We've got 2 molars coming in on the bottom, which means, drool, snot, sinus drainage, and loads of fussiness. Sometimes I think it would have been easier for God to just give us all our teeth at the same time in the womb. That way, it would just be a brutal kicking to the momma (which I am sure I'd complain about, but it would have to be easier than dealing with this).
Friday night we got to have a playdate with Brayden's friend Jack while his mommy and daddy enjoyed a nice dinner together. Brayden and Jack are only a month apart, so it's fun watching them interact. We went for a wagon ride, played on the slide, crawled (well, B crawled, as Jack is a well practiced walker!) around in the backyard and helped Daddy with the garden. Ofcourse, trying to chase around two one year olds means I didn't have time to capture them on camera. Bummer, since they are so cute! We even met a new neighbor, who politely asked if we had twins. haha! Pretty sure I would look even more unkempt if that were really the case!

Saturday was swim lessons and our trip to Sam's. I swear B man is going to eat us out of house and home before we finish raising him. The kid will eat an entire piece of Sam's pizza, plus any of the samples along the way while we're shopping, and cry when we don't let him have a bite of OUR samples! What a little porker! Saturday night we went over to a friend's house so the guys could cook dinner for our families. It was nice not having to worry about cooking or cleaning anything!

Saturday I was feeling pretty crummy but attributed it mostly to the pregnancy. By Sunday morning I still wasn't quite sure, and celebrated most of my Mother's Day on the couch (thanks to Drew for being Mr. Mom--best mother's day gift ever!!). We did attempt to go to Olive Garden with Brayden, which started out well, but by the end of our trip B was crumbling and Drew and I both had thin patience. I think the fussiness on Sunday was probably due to the teeth coming in... we're crossing our fingers these bad boys break soon!

And that was our weekend. Really wasn't too much going on, and we just relaxed and enjoyed family and rest all weekend. I've got some random thoughts that I figure I'll save for another post to keep things simple. Hope everyone has a great week!

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