Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am finding that my nausea is getting worse as the pregnancy wears on. Is this normal? With Brayden, it started tapering down at 10 weeks, and was completely gone by week 14. Here's to hoping. I know Drew is hoping, because I am no fun to be around when I feel crappy.

We're expecting rain for the rest of the week, which means I have to make my tired, pregnant mommy brain work twice as hard trying to think of things to entertain Brayden inside. He does well for a while, but then he hits a tipping point where it's a lost cause and we might as well both sit in the fetal position crying because that's about what happens. Any ideas of things to do with a 1 year old that will capture their attention? I'm all ears!

Have you joined my joint venture blog called Girl Talk? It was Laura's idea, and it was genius. Now all the boys who read my blog won't have to read about boobs, or lady image, or the like. If you're a girl, I'd love for you to check it out! It's a private blog though, so if you're interested you'll have to contact us at:

I've also been busy doing several blog designs. Did you know that I design blogs? I do. It's always been an outlet for me, so I decided to make it a business. Keeps my mind sharp and gives me a little extra spending money to spend on fun things that really aren't in the budget. You know, like the stuff I am craving these days like fried rice or an Arby's sandwich.

Do you think we're having a boy or a girl? People keep asking me if I have a premonition one way or the other. I really don't have a hunch honestly. After taking so long to get pregnant with Brayden, and watching several friends struggle either with infertility or losing a child, I've learned that all I really want is a healthy baby, and even that isn't guaranteed. But if I was selfish, I would probably say I want a boy. With the kids being so close in age I think it would be neat for B to have a brother to play with. Not that he can't play with a sister, but it's just different. And having a girl kind of terrifies me if I am honest with you. If you knew me back in the day, you know that I was a big, and I mean, BIG tomboy. I didn't wear makeup till I was a senior in college, I hardly ever wore dresses (and still dislike wearing them), I think I was 14 before I learned how to do my own hair... I was just very disconnected from the prim and proper prissiness that is stereotypical girls. But if I boil it all down, I know that all I really can ask for is a healthy baby. The rest is just icing on the cake if you ask me. I'll be adding a survey on the side of my blog soon just for people to cast their votes. Then maybe later, like before the big ultrasound, have a contest and whoever guesses correctly will be entered to win something. I like the sound of that, how about you?


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