Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend in Review

I feel like my brain is a fried piece of chicken right now. Literally I sit here and scratch my head wondering what we did this weekend! Pregnancy has definitely gotten the best of me lately.

Friday Drew and I had the greatest gift given to us-- babysitting! We swapped out sitting with some friends of ours, and this week was our turn. I decided that I would pay for the date. I've won several blog giveaways with giftcards, plus with the income I am getting from the blog makeovers I am doing now, I just wanted us to have a nice night out and not worry about how much stuff cost. So we went to dinner and a movie. Seriously, I don't remember the last time Drew and I both went to dinner and a movie together. Probably when I was pregnant with Brayden, but even then I am not sure. We went to this little restaurant called Marketplace Express-- GLORIOUS. I ate Cajun Chicken with creamed spinach and sweet potato fries. They serve the fries with this syrupy brown sugar goodness that I literally could drink! Drew got jambalaya pasta... both meals were good, but he said that mine was better! It was SO yummy! Then we headed over to the theater, and against our better judgment got popcorn. We refilled the bag 3 times while we were there... have I mentioned how much I love popcorn?! MMM... We saw Ironman 2, and I really liked it. I love action movies though, so I guess if you aren't really into that kind of movie then you might not like it. We left the theater and I literally felt like a million bucks. I can't emphasize enough how much dates with Drew mean to me, especially in this crazy phase of life that we're in. It's so rejuvenating to reconnect, not have any distractions and just be US. If only for 3 hours, you get to go back into time. It's great.

Saturday our swim lessons were canceled because the pool didn't heat up like it normally should and they said it was too cold for babies. I was kind of bummed because it was the second to last class, and Brayden enjoys swimming so much. We decided to make a morning out of it anyway, and headed up to Sam's for our weekly Sam's trip, complete with pizza and samples. That afternoon Drew went with his buddy Jason to a local creek and kayaked. We'd had 3 days straight of rain, so all of the rivers were really high. They had a great time, and luckily Brayden slept 3 hours that afternoon so the majority of the time was spent working on blog designs and sleeping! Here's some pics of the boys on their fun outing:
Drew and Jason cuddled together on the shuttle ride back to their car
Drew in his skirt :)

Sunday was just our typical day: church, naps & community group! Brayden took another 3 hour nap on Sunday, so momma bear was able to sleep too, and it allowed Drew to get a lot of studying done for his MBA class. He just started his 3rd class and is still loving it. I swear he's one of those people who could be in school their entire life and never get tired of it. I on the other hand was OK with school but was SO glad when it was over. I don't think you could pay me to crack open a textbook again! I am proud of Drew for working so hard though, and grateful that he enjoys what he is doing, both at work and at school. A happy husband makes for a happy family, and we are very happy around here (most of the time anyways!). 
We've got a busy week ahead of us, but I am hoping it will dry up enough for me to go and get some new pictures of Brayden. Plus, I've got to fill you guys in on how I tweaked his schedule, since his naps have been so great lately. I think our found our fix... for now anyways. You know how it is... always changing! Have a great week!

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