Tuesday, August 17, 2010

25 Weeks... Houston, We're Clear!

Well, we've hit the 25 week mark, and ladies and gents (are there any gents that even read this blog? ha!), I am FEELIN' it. My stomach is starting to get itchy, which means my skin is stretching. And I think it's stretching because not only is Connor GROWING (remember, he was measuring a week ahead last week), but I am as well. I kind of gulped deeply when I stepped on the scale today and realized I had gained a (drumroll please) total of 7 pounds in 3 weeks. YIKES. Good thing Drew and I are trying to lay off the ice cream. Actually though, I've only gained 14 pounds total, so I (think) I am right in line with where I need to be. Just makes me nervous when I see those big numbers!

The good news is that my OB said everything looked GREAT with the ultrasound. What a relief! I knew the tech told me everything looked good, but so did the last tech, so I was hesitant to believe her. I was poked and prodded all morning between taking the glucola screening, getting my rhogam shot (I am Rh negative, so have to get the rhogam shot mid way through pregnancy, and then possibly after I give birth if Connor has positive blood) and having my OB visit (she just measured me and listened to the heart). I treated myself to Panera for lunch afterward since I had to eat nasty eggs for breakfast.

The rest of the day was a bit long. B didn't really want to take a good nap, so I was forced to wake up from MY nap early. This also means he was subsequently fussy for the rest of the afternoon, and trying to entertain him right now is a mystery to me. Besides the outdoors, he seems utterly bored with whatever I offer. I am trying not to get frustrated, and I am a bit scared that come November I'll have a newborn on my boob and a whiny toddler at my feet because he can't entertain himself. Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

And now I am off to scrounge the house for something sweet. I feel deprived today since half of my day I was not allowed to have carbs or sweets :o/ What's a pregnant girl to do?!

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