Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend in Review

Well, this weekend didn't end up being as eventful as I had thought, hoped or planned. Friday night was a very lazy night for us, where we just hung out in the backyard and talked and let B play. Drew and I have been very thankful football season is finally here. Preseason or not, it's fun for us to watch (even though I am admittedly the bigger football fan in the family). So we finished up Friday by watching some preseason NFL.

Saturday we had a baby shower to attend. WITH B. DURING his naptime. It's like a DOOZ of a combination. We decided to keep Brayden up later than normal in the morning, then put him down for a nap in hopes that he'd take a longer AM nap. The plan backfired. He still slept only an hour, and was kind of fussy. We got to the shower, and he actually did pretty well. The only problem was that they had glue sticks and kindergarten scissors set up for the adults to do a little drawing competition. Apparently Brayden likes to sniff eat gluesticks. Who knew? Oh wait, we did, since he nothing seems to turn his nose. So we chased him around most of the time. It was fun though, and Drew even won the competition where the adults had to chug punch in a baby bottle. I left my camera in the car so we didn't get any pics... sorry! We had plans to leave the shower afterward and go to the county fair. Unfortunately Saturday was the day our hellacious temps (read, it was 98 degrees), so we ended up skipping the idea since Brayden was pretty tired, and I wasn't sure I would make it (you know, me being pregnant and all, I tend to break a sweat if the temp is anything above 65 degrees! LOL). Drew decided to study Saturday afternoon, so when B woke up from his nap, I decided to get out and do something, which had to be indoors. I decided to take a risk and bring him to Chuck E. Cheese. I kind of thought he'd be too young, so wasn't expecting much. Oh my word. The kid was in LOVE. He LOVED all of the rides, and he even danced in front of Chuck E. after he warmed up to the idea of a big dancing mouse :)

His favorite ride was the carousel. It had these mirrors on the middle part, and he would start smiling SO cheesy, and laughing at himself. What a ham!
This ride cracked me up, because Chuck E. Cheese talks to the kids during the ride. Brayden couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from, so he looked so confused the entire time it was on.
Checkin' out Chuck E. Not so sure about it yet.
brayden and chuck e cheese
I honestly thought he'd be looking somewhere else during this picture, since this was the second ride he rode on during our trip, and he still was checking everything out. He may not be smiling, but I promise you that he had a blast!

When we got home, we played outside, and B-man hung out like a big boy in his chair.


This morning Drew and B got a little one on one time while I got ready for church. B wanted to lay with Daddy AND Toby on the couch, so I decided to snap a picture of my 3 boys. When I asked Brayden to look at the camera, this is the smile he threw me:


LOL. I love that cheeseball!
Today was our service day at church so B had to go to two services. He really has enjoyed his new toddler class, and hasn't had near as many breakdowns. Which makes me glad since I always hate being the parent of the child who threw a fit the entire time. This afternoon we took a family trip to Target for some popcorn, soda and good ol' window shopping. When we got back it was dinner time, and I started singing the hot dog song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Brayden immediately wanted to watch the youtube video. We ended up playing the youtube video of the hot dog song about 30 times during dinner. We don't even have cable, but for some reason, B LOVES that song. I mean, dancing, grooving, clapping, laughing... the whole shabang. It's like crack for kids or something. WEIRD. We played outside after dinner, and I shot some pictures. I am trying to play outside as much as possible because I know in a few months it will be a different story, with us not being able to play outside due to extreme cold. B now says his version of 'outside' too, and it's pretty hard to resist a cute blonde headed boy saying 'ousa' and then signing please over and over. He sure knows how to tug at my heart string!

OK, so people might be offended by me saying this, but I just have to say it. I never knew that the obsession with the crotch area started so young in boys.
He also has an affinity for things that can be used as swords and daggers. Pool noodles make great swords... even if they are 10 feet long. LOL.

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