Friday, August 20, 2010

Sam's Club

I just needed to make an observation for everyone to read. Sam's club is the place of symbiotic relationships. Don't know what I am talking about? Then you are not in the category of young mom with many children on a tight budget or geriatric retired person on a tight budget. Let me explain.

Brayden and I, and sometimes our whole family, regularly visit Sam's club. Not just for their fabulous retail and grocery selections, or their awesome samples, but mostly for their $1 icees and their $3 pieces of pizza. It's the best meal deal on the face of this planet, especially if you are on a tight budget and are dying to get out of the house with your little one. Let's face it: Brayden and I can't really eat anywhere else for $5. I mean, the kid HAS to get his own meal since he eats as much as a small giant. So thank you Sam's club for making a lunch out on the town possible. While eating, we (and I say we meaning Brayden) are frequently entertaining the other Sam's club guests. This includes the other stay at home moms on tight budgets with their children, as well as the geriatric retired people who come for the hot dogs (I have  yet to figure out why the retired people eat the hot dogs instead of the pizza). Most of the other moms get a little annoyed when Brayden laughs at their kid's silly antics, thus spurring on the unwanted activies longer. But the old people. Oh, the old people. They LOVE the kids. I think that's why they secretly come. Not for the hot dogs, but for the mere fact that there are children all around to entertain them. And let me tell you, my boy does not disappoint. Friendly jabbers, crazy eyes, cheesy flirtatious smiles, my boy knows how to melt an old ladies heart like no other. He's even been known to sway a few of the older gents. But just a few of the gents; I think they get jealous of his ways with the ladies. haha! So you see, Sam's club creates an environment of symbiotic relationships: children enetertaining children, entertaining old people, all the while we much on our $3 pizza and $1 fountain drink. Cheers to Sam's Club!

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