Friday, August 27, 2010

Things I've Said Lately...

... yes, "dis" is your penis. Let's not pull it ok?
... "doe doe" is right! Don't feed the dog your sandwich.
... can you kiss baby Connor? No, I said kiss, not hit.
... please don't hit the dog.
... did you poop AGAIN?
... we do not throw our toys.
... please do not hit the furniture with your toys.
... is mommy pee peeing on the potty? yay for mommy!
... yes, that is uncle "weff". no, weff is at work. we can't call him right now. sorry!
... do not stand on the furniture!
... do not get on top of the table!
... let's not eat the kleenex ok?
... spit the dog food out NOW!
... we do not play in the dog water. do not put your feet in the dog water.
... we only go outside with mommy and daddy... close that door NOW!
... please don't stick your finger in the socket. thank you.

What have YOU found yourself saying to your kids lately?

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