Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend in Review

This has been a fabulous weekend folks! The weather has FINALLY cooled down a bit... and I say cool in all relative terms... as 90 degrees feels COOL compared to 103 degrees.

Friday night we met Drew at Sam's club after he got off work for a quick bite to eat. As usual, Brayden won the geriatric entertainment award. I swear, the kid has never met a stranger. He was totally hamming it up for the 70 year old grandma who was eating chocolate ice cream next to us. She just thought he was the cutest thing, and of course mentioned how well mannered Brayden was (to which I just snicker-- if only she knew!). Every time the lady would scoop a spoon of ice cream, B would lean over and fake laugh, smile a big cheesy smile and then say "MMMMM." Are you kidding me? Where does he learn that?!

Saturday we woke up to the cooler temps and an overcast day, so we decided that we'd go to the park. I was a bit nervous since last time we took B to the park it was basically a time to chase him down and make sure he didn't eat rocks. He did so good, and just wanted to PLAY with the rocks. I see plenty of rocks in the laundry in the near future. Why are boys so enamored with rocks?

Brayden has hit a phase where he wants to do EVERYTHING that Drew does. Since Drew was wearing a baseball hat, B wanted to wear his. And surprisingly, he kept it on for a majority of the time we were at the park!
This was actually taken before we left... B and Daddy being Mr. Cool together.
He thought the noise the rocks made when they hit the slide was hilarious
He LOVES to swing. Literally laughs the whole time!

This past week I've noticed that after Brayden makes a dirty diaper, if I ask him about it he'll run to the changing table. First sign that he's starting to get ready for potty training? Perhaps. Honestly, I am not making a big deal about it since we have so much going on this fall and being in the thick of potty training while traveling and adding a baby to the family just doesn't sound very appealing to this larger than life pregnant momma. But we'll have fun with potty time, which is what we did on Saturday afternoon before naptime:


If you hadn't caught on, I am a craigslist addict. I seriously check craigslist atleast 3 times a day. You have to be quick, but you can get some amazing deals if you are ready to make the pounce. I've been watching craigslist for a toy mower for Brayden. He LOVES watching Drew mow the grass, and he's quite a fan of the little play mowers whenever we go to friend's houses. I just didn't want to spend $20. Saturday afternoon someone posted a toy mower, I offered half of what he wanted, and he took it! So we traveled up to our outdoor mall after dinner to meet up with the seller and exchange cash for a mower. We had to wait a bit, so we let B play around the music stage.

One of the few pictures I have gotten in the past two months of the front of this boy's face. He's always too busy to throw me a smile :(
For some strange reason he LOVES to push the stroller. But not on the lower bar, he wants to push like the big people. Which means one of us holding him, pushing the stroller. I am sure the pedestrians at the mall thought we were crazy walking in circles.
And when you quit pushing the stroller, THIS is what happens.
LOVE these feet :)
The mall has these outdoor speakers that play music. As soon as B figured out that THAT was what was making the music, he would stop at each one, point, and start clapping and dancing. HILARIOUS!
Checkin' out the rules :)
Towards the end, Drew just let him walk beside him. Isn't this the cutest?

When we got home, it was an hour past bedtime, but we let B try out the new mower. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, but the boy did several passes, just like his daddy. Let's just say that getting him to come inside was a struggle.

Today (Sunday) was church, and it was so good. I have to say though, that I was met by a little sadness this morning as I checked B in for Sunday school. I was informed he graduated to the toddler side. I'm sorry, did you say toddler side? Throw a wrench in my mommy heart. My little boy is growing up so fast! Drew was so excited... go figure! Isn't it funny how momma's and daddy's respond to things like different! This afternoon we went to a lake party for students that are in the MBA program that Drew's in. It was so much fun, and I brought my camera, but accidentally left it in the car. Which is a shame, because Drew and B went on a tube ride and it was PRECIOUS. They went REALLY fast, completely different than our previous lake experience where they were basically pulled at a snails pace. B was clapping, laughing and waving the entire time. He LOVED going fast. It was SO cute! He wanted to hold onto the handles and everything. I could tell he remembered being in a boat too, because the minute we got in the boat he was so excited and smiling, and making his 'vroom vroom' noise. He is my dare devil child I must say.

This week should be pretty calm, compared the past few we've had. I have my glucola screening at my OB appointment on Tuesday and am dreading it. That liquid is completely disgusting, and last time I failed the one hour test so I had to do the 3 hour test which is HORRIBLE! I'm just praying I pass the first one, because honestly, I don't want one of my friends to have to watch B for 3 hours.

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