Saturday, August 21, 2010

25.5 weeks

EDITED TO ADD: I just realized that my 21 week shot I was wearing the same shirt. I swear I've only worn this shirt twice since I've been pregnant with Connor, and both times I took a picture. What are the odds?!
I just have to apologize for my lack of belly shot posts. I really try to remember, but between running around like crazy with my 16 month old toddler, the long days get to me. I promise NO ONE wants to see a picture of me after the baby is in bed at 7:00, thus the lack of the pictures. But for your viewing enjoyment, I give you a 25.5 week pregnant belly shot.
And for comparisons sake, let's take a peek at what I looked like with B-man at 25.5 weeks:
So, two things can be noted with this pregnancy. (1) I am A LOT bigger (although not gaining as much weight, so actually weigh less at the same point). and (2)GOOD LORD. I know I have been complaining that Connor is low, but these pictures just prove it! My OB actually suggested that I use a pregnancy belt since I've been dealing with some, ahem, discomfort to say the least from this baby boy laying so low. Still haven't gone to get one, but I really need to. The other thing that is so funny to me is how different you can carry two children. Of course, I am sure a lot of the way I look has to do with the fact that until 34 weeks Brayden was transverse (meaning he was laying sideways in my belly instead of head or feet down). Connor was head down at our ultrasound last week, and he is still so low that his kicks barely get to my belly button (I'm not complaining, because I really don't want to know what being kicked in the ribs is like!). 

So there you have it... my pregnancy update. Hopefully I've appeased all of you pregnant belly blog stalkers :)

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