Sunday, August 1, 2010

(Extended) Weekend in Review

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I took a sabatical. Truth is, I love blogging, I love facebook and I love email. But I am ALWAYS plugged in-- always checking emails, editing pictures, writing stories, etc. I needed to be unplugged. And what better way to get unplugged than a mini-vacation with family and friends? 

Thursday we headed down to Hot Springs for a weekend getaway with my family, and some dear, dear family friends, the Henry's. When my family moved to Little Rock, the Henry's were our neighbors in the house behind ours, and the first people we met. Literally, that morning we woke up and had heads poking over our fence. Little did we know that their family would become like family to us... we spent Thanksgivings and Christmas' with them, had long talks and have millions of fun memories with them. Now that our families are grown and in two separate states, it's hard for us to get everyone together. This weekend was no exception with Meredith, Megan and Jeff missing the action, and all 3 of them were missed. But the party must go on. We spent all weekend boating, resting and hanging out. It was SO much fun and relaxing for everyone! I took a TON of pictures, so instead of going minute by minute in words, I figured I'd just give it to you in pictures.

Wednesday night I was packing, and Brayden was insistent on wearing his lifejacket. He literally wore it around the house for probably 30 minutes. He thought he was so cool!
Friday morning we woke up and B wanted to go down and see the water. Drew and Laura helped him feed the geese.
MMM.... nothing like some stale bread as a snack!
B's first trip out on the lake in a boat. He loved it, even though it was SCORCHING hot. Poor thing had the reddest cheeks. I think the noise and constant motion put him to sleep, so I got some rare snuggle time from my first baby :)
Matt showing his stuff on the wake board
Cheering on Matty
Enjoying my snuggles from B
On the ride back with Daddy...check out the matching hair!
On the second day, we took B out on the tube. He LOVED it, especially when we went over waves. He would say "OOOO, OOOO". He is very much his father's child when it comes to danger.
Our lake chauffeur... Mrs. Amy... best boat driver on Lake Hamilton!
After taking a little swim break, Gigi and Aunt Laura took a ride on the tube with B. When they got on the tube, B just laid down and acted like he was so pooped.
"Let's get this show on the road people!"
It was SO bright, and SO hot, so Gigi tried to shield B's eyes from the sun.
Just hanging with two of his favorite people!
we call this hat his grandpa hat, but he's such a cute little granpa don't you think?!
On the last night we went to this awesome restaurant. Unfortunately it was SUPER crowded, so instead of waiting for over an hour we decided to eat outside and sit down immediately. It was hot, but fun. Here's the best shot we could get of our group (minus Drew, who was taking the pic).
We ate out on the deck, so we were over the water. They had fish food in vending machines so you could feed the fish/ducks. B was greatly intrigued.
"Here fishy, fishy!"
And I'm sorry, but I have to post this. Seriously, this woman can't be serious right? I mean, who goes around wearing a fox tail out of their jeans??? Only in Arkansas. Only in Arkansas.

I am completely and utterly exhausted, but so grateful to have gotten to spend some quality time with my family and the Henry's. We have a long week ahead trying to play catch up, and (hopefully) getting a visit from two of my siblings. Hope everyone has a great week!

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