Monday, August 16, 2010

i heart faces: gotta wear shades

for those of you who regularly read my blog, I posted several posts over the weekend that I am sure you'll be interested in (you know, pics of B, weekend in review and a FABULOUS banana nut bread recipe PW-style. Don't miss out!)

Alas, I have been absent from the i heart faces contest for what feels like years now. Truth be told, I just have been so busy this summer with the pregnancy and the little man, that I haven't had much time to shoot awesome shots. And while this one won't win me any awards, it's the first one I thought of when I saw this week's theme. This was taken right around the time Brayden started showing an interest in wearing our sunglasses. B-man loves to be Mr. Cool-- and Mr. Cool he is! Be sure to check out all of the other entries by clicking on the i heart faces logo at the top of this post!


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