Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ultrasound #2

Going into the ultrasound today, I wasn't nervous or scared, but I was definitely reserved. One of the biggest pray request I had was an ultrasound technician that was different than last time, and that had a good grasp on how to use the machine. The last technician was not talkative, so I was having to ask a ton of questions, and she took FOREVER because she had never used the machine I was on before. Can I just say, God is awesome?! The minute I sat down on the table, the technician (a different one than last time) said, "just so you know, I talk ALOT more than other techs, so if that makes you feel uncomfortable just let me know." I was like, UM NO. I WANT you to be descriptive and tell me exactly what you're doing. You guys, she was SO good. She even started explaining things about the last one, about the different views they didn't get, and stuff about his kidneys. Then before she started, she told us that she used to work at a high risk OB clinic, and so she was just really used to telling the patients exactly what was going on. And she did just that. From the moment the wand hit my stomach, she explained EVERY SINGLE THING.

In the middle of the ultrasound I started feeling REALLY hot. And queasy. And not good. So I asked if we could turn the air down. She quickly turned me on my left side and said that Connor was probably laying on my blood vessel on my spine. Sure enough, after a few minutes on my side I was fine.

She finished up the entire OB ultrasound (she had to redo the ENTIRE thing, not just the views that they needed) in probably 40 minutes, and asked if I still felt good. I said yes, and she said, OK well I am going to see if we can get some good 3D images. Be still my heart. I told her that she was an answer to prayer. We got to sit for another 15-20 minutes just watching Connor in 4D, getting some awesome shots in 3D and, well, just watching. It was awesome. Can I just say that 4D ultrasounds are amazing?! Oh my word, it was like having Connor right there in person! I mean, look at this little stud:

(just in case you aren't familiar with 3D ultrasounds... the way the image slices, sometimes it looks as if there is a hole in the baby's head. Don't worry. He has his whole head!)

So I am sure you want to know the results of the ultrasound. Well, thankfully because our technician was really talkative and informative, it looks like the they got all the views PLUS some of the spine and heart. We saw all outflow tracks and 4 chambers of the heart, and she said it looked healthy. The spine was harder to see because Connor was head down and laying on his side, so it was harder to get a good view. She did get views, but didn't say a lot about the spine... she basically just showed us all of the parts. His kidneys were my biggest worry, and thankfully they have decreased in size, which is GREAT news. She said that they normally want the levels less than 4, and the left kidney was at a 3.5 and the right kidney was barely a 2.5. She did warn us that they may want to continue to monitor it, but like everyone else has told us, that it is REALLY common among boys. We will get official results from the doctor in about 2 days, so probably Monday or Tuesday. I have my regularly scheduled OB appointment next Tuesday so I figure I'll know something by then at least. I definitely left the appointment today feeling really good about everything, and have a peace moving forward. I just think that God is so awesome to not only work out the problems with the kidneys (from the looks of it anyway), but to provide someone who really met all of my needs and made me feel so at peace today. That can only be God, since the technicians rotate between the imaging center and the hospital.

Thanks for all of the prayers and sweet comments and emails today. I love having people to walk beside me during this journey!

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