Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am not a huge fru-fru person. I prefer practical over fun. It's just how I roll. However, when it comes to baby stuff, I like to have a few custom things, if for nothing else than to have that name on the things that can be mixed up easily at the church nursery. I thought it'd be fun to show you some of the stuff that has caught my attention lately. 

I love having two or three custom burp cloths. I have several cute burp cloths from Brayden's sets that I plan on using with Connor, but he needs some with his own name on them too. I thought this set was cute:

Every set of brothers needs a big brother/little brother t-shirt. I actually won a blog giveaway several weeks ago, and Erin at The Pecking Order has been a JOY to work with in designing a set for Brayden and Connor. Here's the design I picked out: 

The BIG word is actually going to be baby blue, and the shirt will be a raglan baseball shirt for B, and a onesie for Connor. Isn't it adorable???

I actually purchased a diaper clutch from Baby Coverz for Brayden before he was born. I love having it to just throw in his diaper bag (or actually his big boy backpack now) and keeping the diapers separate from everything else. I plan on getting one of these for Connor too.

I'm thinking I may get a bag tag for Connor's diaper bag. I think they are SO cute, and are definitely needed since all childcare facilities require all things to be labeled/personalized if you plan on leaving it with your kids. I think Label Your Stuff has cute bag tags... I like the Polka Dot design.

OK, so there is a slew of other stuff, but that's my simple list. What custom baby stuff do you love? Do you have a favorite etsy seller that sells stuff like this? I'd love recommendations because I haven't purchased anything yet.

And just for the record, these business have no clue I am making this post. I'm not compensated in any way by writing it. I just think their stuff is cute so I thought I'd share it with you, my readers. 


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