Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Got My Vans on But They Feel Like Sneakers...

OK, so we're not quite the skater family around these parts, so B definitely does not (and will not if I have my way) have skater shoes. But with fall approaching, we needed some new tennis shoes. As you well know if you read my blog last week, we've been on the search for the perfect shoe. Normally he cries when I put tennis shoes on him, so I wanted one that was comfortable to him, not cheesy velcro, and not going to break the bank. So when we found these Adidas shoes on sale (and then got 1/2 off because Drew got a new pair), I was SO excited. I let Brayden run around the house yesterday in them so he could start breaking them in. He is so proud of his big boy shoes!

An upclose shot.
We get compliments all the time on his eyes (and blonde hair). While B favors me greatly, I can say with confidence he got his eyes from his Daddy. They have the exact same color eyes... those eyes that turn from blue to green depending on what they wear. I LOVE them!
Checkin' out his new kicks
Seriously, where does he learn these facial expressions? The kid cracks me up!
So, I know this picture is totally fuzzy, but I had to post it because I LOVE his smile, and rarely catch it on camera these days.
He's really into leaning against walls these days. NO IDEA.

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