Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend in Review

I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that I love the weekends. I think the #1 reason is because Drew is home, so it gives me a little help with little man, but also just because I LOVE hanging out with my two boys. Drew completes me… doing things with him makes me feel whole in a way I can’t really describe. And having B along for the ride now definitely adds a new sense of adventure to our outings. We had a blast together this weekend, as always. Let’s recap (just a warning, this is a LOOOOONG post, but it‘s filled with pics of B so I reckon at least our family will read it!):

Friday- God decided to have mercy on our region and bless us with not one, but two days of “cooler” weather. I say cooler in all relative terms, because it meant that it wasn’t 100 degrees… just 90... Haha! B and I went to the local pool with some friends, and then headed over to meet Drew at First Friday, a local event where vendors and businesses get together celebrating a common theme. They typically have stuff for the kids to do, and it’s just fun walking around together. This month’s theme was dog days of summer, so they had all kinds of dogs there with their owners. There was a costume competition for the dogs, so it was hilarious to see some of the dogs all dressed up. Did anyone else know that they made dog bikini’s? HILARIOUS.


We can no longer purchase drinks at Sonic and be invisible. Any type of Styrofoam cup sighting by B is met by “dis dis” and HYSTERICAL crying and knashing of teeth of he does not get any. So we had to find a shady spot to share the Cherry Limeade. I fear I am creating a drink monster… I admit, it is my vice (only on happy hour, since I can’t stand to pay more than a buck for a fountain drink!).

Drew was probably calculating the financial repercussions of my addiction :)

One of the vendors at the event on Friday was selling hammocks and chairs. B LOVED the Hammock.

I say there’s no better place to pick your nose than your hammock!

There was also a dog park that was advertising there. For some reason Drew thought it was a swell idea to place B in the ball pit-- that as for the dogs. I can’t decide which has more germs-- the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit, or the dog ball pit. B got a good dose of Purel (aka magic lotion-- which he now holds his hands out for whenever I pull out the bottle) after this little excursion!


At the very end Drew mustered up enough courage to let B go on the jumper (I was all for it!). The lady running it said she would do it by age/size so that the big kids weren’t jumping with the little ones. B got in and started SQUEALING. I seriously think he thought he was in Heaven.

Have you ever seen a little boy more happy?!
laughing, laughing, laughing!
squealing... REALLY loud!
I see a bounce house in his future... or at least at a birthday party!

Of course, his trip to Heaven ended shortly afterward, since the lady allowed some fat kid to get in there, and the little girl was jumping a bit too close for Drew’s comfort.

Saturday we went up to the U of A campus to help celebrate a birthday for Brayden’s friend, Payton. Poor B was the only boy, but he didn’t seem to mind. The theme was Hog Cheerleader, but Meredith thought of B by getting him eye blackout strips. I mean, seriously, how freaking cute can a mini-football player get?
One of the rare pictures of him looking at the camera. Drew got this shot!

They had a blow up Razorback. B was completely intrigued, but also showed a good deal of caution. Once he figured out it wasn’t going to hurt him, he kept walking over to it, and saying “dadown (touchdown)” and then “day” (yay) and clapping. Then, he’d throw his arms in the air to call the Hogs. What can I say, we have trained our son well!


Of course, B had to find the gravel path. Pretty sure he ate at least 2 handfuls of rocks. Ughh. I am hoping Connor does not follow in the billy goat footsteps of his brother.

His favorite part of the party had to have been the cupcakes!


I have a hard time getting him to actually stand still AND look at the camera these days, so on the way home I decided since he was strapped in it would be the best photo op. Of course, he wouldn’t let me take his paci, so I had to settle for these.
Callin' the Hogs!

Saturday afternoon (after B’s 3.5 hour nap!) it was relatively cool still, so I convinced Drew to head to our local outdoor mall to stroll around. They have live bands on Saturday nights, and I thought it would be fun. We also decided to continue my shoe shopping extravaganza for B by running by Payless and a few other places that were there. First off, can I just say that shoe shopping for boys frustrates the crap out of me? There is absolutely NO selection, unless of course you want your son wearing Velcro spiderman shoes that are all black. Um, no thank you. I have issues with both characters on clothes (this includes shoes) and Velcro shoes. Drew thinks my Velcro issue is a little weird, but I have a pet peeve with Velcro tennis shoes (no offense to anyone who dresses their kids in Velcro shoes). Needless to say, payless was a complete flop, as was Finish Line, where they only stock Nikes, and we have already been over how Nike does not fit my son’s foot. We decided to stop at Hibbit Sports since Drew is looking for a pair of tennis shoes (shoes that he can play tennis in, not running shoes, for which I learned there is a big difference… who knew?!). I was ecstatic when I found several kids shoes on sale for $20 a pair-- the same price as Target! We tried a pair of Adidas on for B, and who knew, they fit and he loved them. Drew also found a pair of tennis shoes, even cheaper than we had found online, so we got both pairs of shoes. What’s great about this story is that not only did we get Drew’s shoes cheaper, but B’s shoes were a red tag shoe, so we got those for ½ off since we bought two pairs of shoes… meaning I got Adidas running shoes for B for $10. I mean, seriously? You can’t even buy used shoes that cheap! I was SUPER excited. And oh, yeah by the way, my kid has huge feet. They didn’t have half sizes so I asked them to size his foot for me. He sized at a 6, so they told me it would probably be best to get a 7. A 7 people… he turned 16 months TODAY. Poor kid has the same problem I had when I was little-- my feet grew before my body, so it looks like his shoes are WAY bigger than him. It’s OK B-- you’ll eventually grow into your feet… don’t worry. Just don’t get too big, because I really don’t want to have to special order shoes for you when your 15.

We wrapped up our Saturday by listening to the local band that was playing (they were actually really good) and chasing B around like maniacs, much to the delight of all of the older folks, who were actually enjoying the concert in their CHAIRS. LOL.

He stole Drew's Dr Pepper (He also tried to get INTO this fountain... LOL!)
Running through the "jungle" grass with Daddy!
I thought this picture was so funny... doesn't he look like he's striking a modeling pose?
He found another fountain, but this one had a steep incline around it so Drew had to explain that we couldn't get close. "But it's SO tempting Daddy!"

Sunday was a church day, so Drew and I tag teamed in the morning while we were getting ready. After I had gotten ready I came out of the room to find B and Drew sitting at the table, each reading their morning reads. Is this not hilarious? I cracked up, and grabbed the camera.

I can't remember if he was trying to eat the Bible, or if he was talking... either are strong possibilities!
He's SO serious about his reading! haha!

Sunday evening we had our community group over for a get together. I seriously think there was 15 kids at our house. We set up a kiddie pool and splash pads, and the kids thought they were at Six Flags running from sprinkler to sprinkler, taking turns in the wagon, and jumping in and out of the pool. We had a blast, and B enjoyed it too (well, until it struck 7pm, at which point  he had the meltdown of the century, and we quickly put him to bed!). Sadly, I took absolutely no pictures during the entire event, so it’s just memories in my head I guess.

We’ll be braving another grueling week of heat, which means no outdoor playtime for us. I just can’t stand it, and it scares me with a little one out in this dangerous heat. We might be making a few trips to Chick-Fil-A to play in the indoor playground… fun for B AND a break for mommy! Hope everyone has a good week!

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